Gelinas Farm

"Whistle, Grin and Ride"

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Boarding: We have two barns outfitted with roomy box stalls, with the horse and handler in mind.  We offer large indoor and outdoor arenas, for riding in all weather conditions.  In addition, there are miles of trails to enjoy, both on the farm and within riding distance from the farm. We encourage horses to be turned-out whenever possible, doing so enables the horses to learn behavioral boundaries from their herdmates and results in happier, more confident and trusting horses. teaching.jpg

Lessons: Our professional instructors offer all levels of instruction, both Western and English, from beginners to advanced, children to adults.  Lessons can be provided privately, or in a group setting.  Periodically, specialized 2-3 hour mini-clinics are offered, focusing on specific techniques, such as trail obstacles or cow work.  Clinics can be custom-tailored to your group also. 

Training: Our training program includes colt-starting, working through problem behavior on "broke" horses and simple "fit evaluations" (that is, will a particular horse suit a particular rider).  We work with horses and their owners in a non-confrontational manner to develop a relationship based on respect and trust.

Livestock: We maintain a herd of quality, natural, free-range Black Angus  and Angus Cross cattle for use in our ranch versatility program and for beef sales

Clinics:  Throughout the year, we host a variety of clinics.  Some are small groups, that come for a day or stay for a week.  Others, such as our yearly colt starting, horsemanship and ranch versatility, span a two-week period and are offered by Tom and Trina Curtin who have been guests of the farm for over 10 years. Other clinicians include Lynn Palm and Carla Wenneberg.

Private Clinics and Camps: Pick a date, gather a group of friends and we'll tailor a clinic just for you. Or, rent the facility. Facility rental includes stalls, pens, arenas, and obctacles at your disposal. Camp at the farm and make yourself at home with our food prep area, tent, and fire pit or stay at one of Concord's many hotels. We have instructors that can help you with your jumping, arena work, ground work, obstacles, dressage, cow work and roping. Availability limited, reserve your spot today!