Gelinas Farm

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**This website is under construction. Please visit Gelinas Farm on Facebook for the most up to date information and offerings.**

The driving force behind our horse operation, simply put, is Quality Horsemanship.  Providing the horseman with the knowledge and skills that allow them to communicate with their horse in a thoughtful manner. Quality horsemanship will bring the horse and rider together as a team.  It is communication based on the knowledge of a horses innate, natural characteristics and instincts. 

Our History:  Since its inception in 1953, Gelinas farm has grown from a small cattle and livestock transportation operation into a working horse and cattle farm.  The farm encompasses 100 acres of fertile pastures, forests and ponds.  Today, Gelinas farm is still family owned and operated by Joanne Gelinas-Snow and Artie Snow, offering lessons, clinics, camps and training. 

Our Philosophy:  The Gelinas Farm philosophy is one of mutual trust and respect;  for our clients, horses, cattle and land.  Creating an atmosphere of acceptance, support and fun.  Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner there a lessons, camps and clinics to fit you.